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Hello dear photographers, my name is Ana and I'm a Portuguese traveling model.

First of all thank you so much for your interest in shooting with me!

Shooting requests are only accepted by photographers with modeling portfolios


My rates may vary depending on the country you’re booking in, but these are my standard ones: 

  • Rate per hour 90€ (minimum 2 hours)

  • Half Day 300€ (4 hours)

*Shootings with 4h time must include small break 

  • Full day 550€ (8 hours)

*Full day time frame includes 1hr total meal break

If there are any extra photographers shooting in the session I must be informed in advance, and an extra fee of 20% per photographer of the total booking amount will be charged unless otherwise agreed.

At the end of the shoot if I have availability and you wish to prolong the shoot the extra time will be charged at the agreed rate.

I accept payment by cash, bank transfer or PayPal (if you wish to use PayPal to transfer the fees it is kindly request to cover the 5% PayPal fee as well)



Please respect that this is my full-time job and sole source of income, so if you booked me and I confirmed it means that I reserved that time for you so If you cancel in short notice, it means that I probably won’t be able to re-book another shoot (especially while travelling), so a cancelation fee is going to be charged:

  • For cancelations with less than 10 days prior to the booked photoshoot, 50% of the total amount.

  • For cancelations with less than 5 days prior to the booked photoshoot, 100% of the total amount.

A canceled session can be rescheduled within the time frame that I am in your region upon my availability.

Thank you for your understanding.


When shooting locations is outside the area I am staying or if need to use train or other means of non-local public transportation (to or from the shooting locations) traveling costs need to be covered by the photographer.


My levels are up to and including artistic nude (no adult or explicit).

I like to move a lot during the shoot to be free in my expression, but I can't always control from which angle the photographer is taking the photos. Therefore, I expect your respect, still, I reserve the right to check all images via the back of the camera and If during the shoot a more explicit picture was taken (labia visible or "open legs" type), that photo must be deleted. 

I reserve the right to turn down any concepts that I deem to be too explicit, provocative, tacky, cheesy, degrading, or silly.

You can use my portfolio as a guide to get familiar with my style of modelling, what I am comfortable with and what my limits are, and if you require further clarification of my boundaries, please feel free to ask.

I also need to know who will be at the photoshoot every time, for I will also inform you if I plan to take someone with me.

If you plan any sort of video or behind the scenes, it must be discussed beforehand.



In most cases I do my make-up and hair for the shoots myself, for the hair, I can do just very easy style but I’m not a hairdresser.

I will arrive fully prepared (MUAH), unless there is a team scheduled for shooting, so if it is the case, I appreciate you let me know in advance, because I’ll be happy to work with a team (make-up artist and/or hairdresser)



Photos shall not be published on any porn, swinger, escort, or similar websites.

Due to some past events, I would like to review the photos from the shoot and only the photos that both, myself and the photographer, agree upon shall be published.

Thank you.

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